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Richard in Parliament

MP hands HMRC dossier to Tax Bosses

SOUTH NORFOLK MP Richard Bacon has provided HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) with a dossier compiled from his constituents’ experiences of dealing with the United Kingdom’s tax authority and called on HMRC to act on his findings.


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Ken Clarke must sort out Courts Service - MP
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MoD ‘loses’ top secret radios worth £155 million, says MP
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Scheme to boost charities was £80m shot in the dark - MP
Schools must be free to choose on partnering, says MP
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Autistic adults ‘invisible’ to public services, says MP
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Offenders' database a checklist of ‘what not to do’
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Poor deal for poorest students, says MP
Carers deserve more support, says Richard Bacon MP
Warm Front gives cold shoulder to most needy - MP
Whitehall misses targets on school-building scheme
Recruitment of civil servants is too expensive - MP
Red Ensign ‘in decline’, Richard Bacon MP warns
MP says Cabinet Office appraisal ‘revealing’
“Get head out of sand” on NHS IT scheme - MP
Poor grasp of 3Rs ‘a national disgrace’, says MP
MP calls for action on pig industry report
New Asylum system is failing, says MP
MP seeks better country-of-origin labelling for food
DEFRA ‘dawdling’ on waste could cost millions - MP
MoD loses personal data of soldiers and recruits
The Speaker must now resign, says MP
Largest defence projects hit by 40 years of delays
MP concerned over ‘weak’ contract management
Govt. IT system turned £57m saving into £81m bill
‘Wild West’ energy market in need of a better sheriff
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Ministry of Justice ‘clueless' over community orders
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Home Office ‘could do better’ on fighting violent crime
Home Office errors over security industry cost £17m
Learn from patients’ complaints, urges Norfolk MP
Government scheme to slash red tape failing - MP
Diplomas could become “Betamax” qualifications - MP
PFI schools & hospitals ‘fleeced’ by management fees
Experience vital to Whitehall success, says MP
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‘Camouflaged’ budgets won’t keep MoD costs down
Government should learn from The O2’s success - MP
Farm payment scheme ‘out of control’, says MP
Decommissioning body must keep an eye on costs
Renovation scheme pushed FE colleges into the red
Five years of benefit errors cost taxpayers £9bn - MP
Scheme demolished 10 times the houses it built
We can do more to cut energy bills, says MP
Computers prove too modern for old military bases
RAF Hercules fleet faces ‘perfect storm’, MP warns
Computer glitch delays urgent Cancer appointments
BBC got ‘very easy terms‘ to run digital switchover
MP says lack of student data ‘unbelievable’
UK aid payments ‘open to corruption abroad’ - MP
Olympic security is ‘non-negotiable’, says MP
Adult skills strategy failing in the East, says local MP
£30 million spent on asylum centre that never opened
Allow hospitals more choice on NHS computers - MP
Whitehall attitude to computers ‘like a virus’, says MP
Calling the taxman for help with tax forms is ‘pot luck’
MP wants the BBC to open its books
13th year of EU budget failure is ‘Same old Song’
Government websites ‘spinning out of control’ - MP
The only way is up for Pensions watchdog, says MP
MP calls for better communication over rail incidents
Olympic budget ‘smoke and mirrors’, says MP
Parole Board in the dark over dangerous prisoners
Doctors ‘ignored’ over GP contract, says MP
More spent on red tape than ill miners
Over-optimism on private funding could cost medals
Compensation scheme is “classic Whitehall failure”
Training can break the benefits cycle, says MP
Firmer action is needed on gun crime, says MP
Better data needed on students who drop out
Helping workless people will flush out shirkers - MP
Make sure Jobcentre staff are trained, says MP
MoD finance director 'unqualified' says MP
No UK aid for brutal regimes, says Richard Bacon MP
Nuclear clean-up costs ‘out of control’ says MP
Waiting list for criminals ‘absurd’ says Bacon
Dementia sufferers and carers are ‘losing out’ - MP
MP concerned over neonatal nursing shortage
MP asks ministers to chase benefits fraud losses
Aid programmes neglecting rural poor, says MP
Get flood defences into peak condition, says MP
MP shocked at East Anglia's £153m health deficit
Farmers still suffer from Single Payment shambles
Performance of compensation body ‘absurd’ says MP
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MoD's cost-cutting ‘being felt on the frontline’ - MP
HMRC ‘becoming a punchline’, says MP
MoD's priorities ‘badly wrong’ on housing, says MP
NHS consultants’ contract ‘badly drafted’, says MP
Treasury ‘not listening’ to Private Finance advice
Government approach to savings ‘half-hearted’ - MP
Department for Transport sickness rates 'too high'
HM Treasury 'forced through' QinetiQ sale
Demolition not the only answer to deprivation - MP
Housing department not taken seriously in Whitehall
Costs of science projects face 'big bang' says MP
Break the benefits cycle, urges MP
MP praises public for leading the way on recycling
Demolition not the only answer to deprivation - MP
Axed £33m asylum centres could have paid for police
MP calls for better mediation services in East Anglia
MP praises public for leading the way on recycling
'Clouseau' Crime agency is a laughing stock, says MP
ID card is an identity tax, says Richard Bacon MP
Academies’ progress must not be lost, says MP
Jobcentre Plus taking IT slow, says MP
Government ‘sloppy’ on efficiency gains, says MP
Olympics budget worthy of 'Del Boy' says MP
Bring flood defences up to scratch, says MP
MP urges taxman to change his ways
MP urges the Home Office to ‘get a grip’
Olympic Civil Servants should stay put says MP
Reserve soldiers 'not properly trained' says MP
MP casts doubt on taxman's bank account plan
MP urges the NHS to overhaul dementia care
Learn from CSA failures, MP urges
Troop shortage now at crisis levels, says MP
£1.5bn BBC contract not delivering promised savings
Bio-security of farms must come first
Government use of consultants 'flawed'
Public sector procurement in a mess, says MP
£9bn rail upgrade only a temporary solution - MP
Taxman 'shot himself in foot' on £3bn deal, says MP
Ensure nurses are trained properly, says MP
MP wants football clubs to pay up for ground safety
MP says NHS deficit is causing local damage
'Nightmare' NHS computer body must close - MP
Government 'in the dark' over housing assistance
MP asks 'is our money safe in EU hands?'
The private sector is 'cooling' on PFI, says local MP
MP calls for inquiry into recording of MPs’ expenses
MP calls for clarity over out-of-hours medical cover
Crime agency is ‘a total shambles’, says MP
MP calls for an end to academy VAT ‘lunacy’
MP urges Reid to get Home Office accounts in order
Follow US example on government transparency - MP
MP raises ‘car accident’ fraud in House of Commons
Chancellor mustn't 'drag his heels' on Olympics - MP
MP calls for the Small Business Service to be axed
MP receives top awards for his work in Parliament
MP calls for offenders to pay their fines on time
MP calls for benefits information to be made clearer
Help for disabled workers must be effective, says MP
Consumers must wait for benefits of £5.8bn gas sale 
Keep focus on quality and safety in the NHS - MP 
MP describes NHS watchdog as ‘a mess’ 
Government consultants earning easy money  - MP  
Businesses should only have to register for tax once
MP wants financial security for Sure Start centres
MP wants advice for public over disaster appeals
Treating troops properly saves money, says MP
The Rural Payments Agency 'failed farmers' says MP
The Government's call centres must improve - MP
Richard Bacon MP named Backbencher of the Year
Governors in the dark over early releases, says MP
Opportunity for rethink on NHS computers missed
NHS computer upgrade causes 110 major incidents
Ministers must avoid another mess like tax credits
MP wants prisoners to eat more porridge
Home Office finances a national disgrace, says MP
Blair's NHS computer dream ‘won't work’, says MP
Early signs not good for tax computers, says MP
Inequality of care for stroke victims is unacceptable 
Hospitals need more understanding of staffing needs 
IT ‘Big Bang’  left CSA broken, says MP
MP wants answers over child jabs IT failure
MP 'deeply worried' by patient safety figures
NHS LIFT too costly, warns MP
Costs have tripled for the courts' new IT system
£3bn lost to VAT fraud could have paid NHS deficit
NAO Report on NHS IT ‘raises more questions’ - MP
MP warns about scale of identity theft fraud
MP asks Health Secretary to block NHS IT contract
MP wants public sector to get expert PFI advice
The NHS is 'fined' millions by computer companies
MP wants a £10 billion gap in skills addressed quickly
Scrapped hospital scheme ‘how not to do it’, - MP
MP concerned over Norfolk's bus use
Courts can't use full powers until IT system arrives
MP calls for investigation into identity theft
MP asks NAO to look at coastal defences
MP expects civil servants to uphold ethical standards
PFI group gets £95 million while hospital struggles
MP sheds light on foreign criminals blunder
Mistrust and conflict derailed Connex franchise - MP
Confusion over out-of-hours care ‘disappointing’
Eurostar plans 'short-sighted' says MP
MP condemns ‘casual disregard’ for taxpayers
Badly behaved Brits abroad should pay for help
MP wants Treasury to end secret deals
MP concerned by sick leave in Probation Service
MP hopeful over taxpayer's share of PFI profits
EU must take more care of our money says MP
MP praises those serving in the Reserve Forces
MP calls for better contingency plans from the DTI
MP says records system may put patients at risk
Public footing bill for satellite phone scam - MP
MP wants better advice on complex EU directives
Diana memorial a fitting tribute, says MP
MP calls on English councils to fly the green flag
Work faster on friendly fire, urges MP
Iraq-bound troops ‘scavenging’ kit from other units
MP wants education provider to offer online learning
MP raises the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital
Deadlines for tax returns are too long, says MP
MP asks county to address headteacher shortage
MP calls for Radio 4 UK theme to stay
MP calls for an update on local cancer care
Faith schools have lower truancy, says MP
Cancer patients missing out on £200 million - MP
MP calls for clearer benefit leaflets
MP urges watchdogs to do better for consumers
MP asks county council to boost bus services
Learn from Connex debacle, MP warns
MP fears for rural learndirect services
MP wants car criminals to have unhappy Christmas
Tax fraud would pay for 100 years’ policing - MP
Speed up stroke care, says MP
MP urges minister to meet accident victims’ families
MP gives watchdog extra bite
‘Be Biosecure’, MP urges farmers
Jobskills scheme was like ‘Mary Celeste’, says MP
MoD kit blunders letting down our troops, says MP
MP wants better support for disabled workers
Benefits system gives free ride to fraudsters
MP slams cash for ‘phantom’ tourists
MP slams 'lucky dip' Dome deal
Cancer patients ‘waiting too long for treatment’
MP calls for local crime busters to trade techniques
MP debates Norfolk's health cash crisis
Govt. ‘dragging its feet’ in superbug battle, says MP
MP supports change in law to protect householders
‘Don't bounce dentists,’ warns MP
MP says NHS overspend on IT may hurt patients
‘Norfolk Hospital paying a premium for PFI,’ says MP
Bacon presses for better road safety
MP questions loss of taxpayer records
MP blasts red tape tying up police

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