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MoD’s Cold War supply chain needs drastic overhaul, MP warns

OMMENTING ON the publication of the Commons public accounts committee’s report into how the Ministry of Defence manages the delivery of equipment to military operations, South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon, a member of the committee, said:

“The MoD has been pledging action to drag its supply chain into the modern era since the Cold War, yet it still needs a drastic overhaul.  The MoD’s accounts have not been given a clean bill of health for three consecutive years, in no small part because the MoD hasn’t been recording whether supplies are in warehouses or at the front line.   

“No-one disputes that the MoD’s principal duty is to focus on operations, but this doesn’t absolve the Ministry from treating taxpayers’ money with care.  It is also a bit rich of the MoD’s top brass to dismiss the potential for savings, given that they have done almost nothing to find out how much money an efficient supply chain could save and also that they don’t routinely examine how the United States and France run their military supply chains to see what may be learned.

“The willingness of the newly-appointed Bernard Gray to take responsibility for failures is refreshing, but he has much to do if the military supply chain is to be made fit for purpose.  I hope we will see the fruits of his labours before too long”.

19 August 2011

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